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Thank you for your interest in Selective Resources.

Your needs are unique - and so is Selective Resources.

 Let's keep it simple.  You may call us directly or complete the brief information to the left and we will follow up with you within 48 hours.  

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   Selective Resources offers a flexible, transparent and  consultative approach. 


   We listen and assist in reviewing and evaluating  the needs of both employer and job seeker.

We provide effective representation of your employer brand and craft a positive experience that will attract top talent.

      We help you consider your needs related to not only experience and skills, but also to determine cultural fit and long range potential. 




    Selective Resources  develops a strategy around the best sources of finding the talent that you need and the best practices we will implement to attract, engage,  secure and onboard the very best. 


    We can create job descriptions and develop behavioral -based interview questions, customize  screening to meet your needs,  arrange interviews, debrief with candidates and hiring managers to facilitate next steps.


    Selective Resources provides the detailed communication and follow up that is essential to a positive candidate experience and successful transition to the new employer.


   Even candidates who are not offered positions should come away from the hiring process feeling positive about the employer.  We help make that happen! 

     Finally, we  can help manage the transition, onboarding,  relocation, and orientation as requested.

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